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ARE 5.0


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ARE 4.0

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Schematic Design – SD*

*No Multiple Choice Section on the Exam. Actual Exam consists of two graphic vignettes only.

When Does Access Begin?

30 Day Access begins only when you are ready. Simply send an email to support@architectexamprep.com when you are ready for access to begin. 

NOTE: Omces and Video Vignettes are two separate products so you will need to request access to each one by emailing support@architectexamprep.comOnly send the email when you are ready for 30 day access to begin as we cannot take advance reservations. Please allow 24 hours for your account to be setup.

Can I Get more Time?

You can purchase an additional 30 days of access for any of the divisions for $29.95. Simply send an email to support@architectexamprep.com indicating which division you would like extended time and we will send you a special link to make the purchase. Please allow 24 hours for your account to be extended after making payment.


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